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Shooting a Nude? Parameters to keep in mind.

whenever I approach to shoot a Nude, there are certain parameters that I keep in mind while shooting.

First and foremost is TRUST.

Even though it is the subject who has to trust the Photographer, it is the one behind the lens who has to build it up and maintain it.

Creating a beautiful piece of work is a team work between the Photographer and the subject.

If you consider Nude Photography as an Art form, it's extremely important to offer the same respect and dignity to your model as you would extend towards any other person with the clothes on.

This positive attitude helps the model come out of any inhibitions she may have, leading to a better synch between the two people on the opposite sides of the lens. All your efforts as an Artist will fail if you do not have the subject flowing with the tune of your ideas.

Trust is also important as most of the times there are pre conditions attached. Most of the people want to stay Anonymous and it is the responsibility of the Photographer to respect and ensure the same.


Wether I have approached the subject to pose nude for my own creative portfolio or have been approached by a person for a Boudoir or a Nude session, I let the person go though the kind of Nude photography I have done in the past as this helps build up the confidence in your style of work. The subject is thus ensured that she is in safe hands in terms of Aesthetics and creativity. This allows me build up the concept i have in mind with full cooperation from my subject.


Keeping it minimalistic, my biggest asset is the light. I love to play around with it on the bare body, bringing out the shape, form and texture, taking it towards the edge of Abstraction. I give an equal if not more, importance to the shadows. What is visible and what is not, should be completely in your hands and it depends on the way you illuminate and the way you see. The Audience should only see as much as you want them to see.

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