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Sound & visuals run parallel in a film, but cinematography always ends up taking all the credit!

While both sound and visuals are important in a film, cinematography often receives more recognition and credit than sound. The Dialogues, Sound effects, Ambient and background noise, Music and Soundtracks, all contribute towards the Sound that runs parallel to the visuals. Let's explore some of the factors for this.

Visuals are more immediately noticeable

The visual elements of a film are often more immediately noticeable to audiences. A beautiful shot or a stunning visual effect can capture the audience's attention and create a memorable impression. We always say, "Lets watch a movie!"

Visual from the Music video 'vaishnav Jan to" created by Munish Khanna

Cinematography can be more "showy"

Cinematography often involves the use of elaborate camera movements, creative framing, and other techniques that can be visually impressive and draw attention to themselves.

Sound is more subtle

While sound is certainly important in a film, it often works on a more subtle level than visuals. Sound can enhance the mood and atmosphere of a scene, create a sense of space and depth, and convey important information such as dialogue or sound effects, but it may not be as immediately noticeable to audiences.

Sound is often taken for granted

Finally, sound is often taken for granted in films. Audiences expect to be able to hear the dialogue clearly, and to have the sound effects and music support the visuals. When the sound is well-done, it can enhance the film significantly, but it may not receive as much attention as the visuals.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Overall, both sound and visuals are crucial to making a good film, and both should be given equal attention and consideration. However, cinematography often receives more credit because of its more immediately noticeable and showy nature. Yes, if the sound quality is not good and the Dialogues are not clear enough, the whole experience of watching a good film goes haywire.

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