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Beginner friendly tips on shooting Nudes at home

Here are some of the beginner friendly tips on shooting Nudes at home. Of course the same apply if an advanced photographer is planning the same.

There is a thin difference between a Photograph and a snapshot. This difference is even thinner when it comes to Nude Photography and P0rn0graphy.
Understand this difference before you begin.

If you are trying this form of Art Photography at home, most likely you are working with someone known to you. Discuss your plans in detail so that the other person who maybe inexperienced with this task can patiently bear with your experimentation. It wont work as good if you do not have a whole hearted contribution from the other side.

Understand your equipment - Be it a DSLR, compact Mirrorless or a Mobile phone, you should have a good control over the capabilities of your gear. You should have a good enough understanding of Lighting.

Be in command

Good photography is all about how you visualise and present your subject. So while shooting, concentrate more on your subject rather than getting too technical with your equipment. The technical aspects should work as a reflex action in the background and your mind should be occupied more with the way you frame, compose and illuminate your subject. If your brain is too preoccupied with the technical aspects alone, it will be difficult for you to concentrate on directing the subject in terms of Aesthetics.

Window Lighting

Nothing works better than good old natural light and shooting next to a window is ideal for beautifully lighting up the nude. Pick up the window depending on the time of the day. East facing windows work better in the first half as compared to west facing windows which can be used during the warm golden hours of the evening before the sunset.

Beginner friendly tips on shooting Nudes at home

Lamp shades are other good sources of illumination. It works great if you can combine this with a window as well especially at twilight when the sky turn into a deep blue colour just before it turns too dark. Learn how to make the best of low light conditions.

Add some props.

Being completely naked can be odd for many. Having some elements and even some clothing can help the other person be at more ease. Use the natural existing interiors of your house as a setting to interesting compose the Nude within. It does not have to be in isolation against a plain wall.

Beginner friendly tips on shooting Nudes at home

Try outdoors

If you have a personal courtyard or a backyard where you can shoot without any disturbance, why not use the natural lighting. You can make the best of the sunlight as it changes during the day and even use factors like rain, to give your photographs an all together different look.

Be a Good observer

Observe your subject and this could be long term process if this is someone known to you. You do not have to simply impose postures picked up from somewhere but if you have observed your subject carefully, you can bring out the best in him or her

This also help in lighting. As a keen observer you may have observed the pattern created by one of those self textured sheer curtains on a window at a particular time. It helps utilise whatever resources that are available at home to the best of your advantage.

Spend more concentration and time on your subject rather than on your camera and lenses.

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