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Macintosh versus Windows, which one is better for photographers?

The choice between macOS (Macintosh) and Windows as the operating system for photographers largely depends on personal preference and specific needs. Both macOS and Windows have their strengths and weaknesses, and each can be suitable for photographers depending on their workflow, software requirements, and other factors.

As I started off in Photography, I asked this question to a number of people and those who were working on MAC, simply said go for mac and your wont regret but this was without giving any particular reason as to why MAC was better. I am talking of 1990's when computers were not all that popular and very few people had laptops.

Since the price difference was a lot between an Apple laptop and a windows based laptop, I opted for windows. Bought a 17" Hewlett Packard laptop with one of the best configuration of that time.

However, when the Mother Board of this High end laptop which worked quite well died, I decided to buy Mac book pro and purchased a 17" Mac book pro followed by another one after few years of usage.

Laptops unfortunately don't last too long and that's been my experience with both windows and Mac.

This time around I decided to buy a basic 13" model of Mac book for portability alone and not for proper work.

However, about two decades back, had replaced all windows based computers with iMacs and have been using only Macs in the office.

Now, in 2023, I have invested in a very high end windows based computer for unreal Engine projects. Game lovers simply love windows and feel that Mac is no match for games.

Here are some key considerations:

MacOS (Macintosh):


User-friendly interface:

  • macOS is known for its sleek and intuitive interface, which is often preferred by users who value aesthetics and ease of use. I have been using Mac for a very long time now and find it a bit odd at using a windows computer. imac, Macbook pro, Ipad and Iphone connect seamlessly which is a big advantage but ofcourse comes at a premium.

Color accuracy and consistency:

  • Macs are often known for their excellent color accuracy and consistency, making them suitable for tasks like photo editing and color grading. This is because the screen and the hardware along with the software are integrated together in a single unit. When we compare with windows, we compare the screen with independent brands of monitors which offer different categories of monitors. So, in a way you have the flexibility of investing in a high end or a low end monitor based on your budget.

Integrated hardware and software:

  • Apple designs both the hardware and software for its Macs, which can result in a more tightly integrated and optimized system for photography workflows. As mentioned above, this works quite well but upgrading the hardware is also equally difficult as the design is quite complex and changing parts in not all that easy as in windows.

photo by Tranmautritam

Popular among creative professionals:

  • macOS has traditionally been popular among creative professionals, including photographers, due to its reputation for reliability and performance in creative applications. It does look impressive and when you show your portfolio on a Mac, half the battle is already won because it gives a more professional impression to your prospective customer. Over the period of times, its become an industry standard of sorts.

photo - adrian regeci


max deroin

Wider hardware options:

  • Windows-based PCs offer a wider range of hardware options, allowing for greater customisation and scalability in terms of performance, storage, and other specifications. You have multiple brands making the parts of a windows based computer which means that you have various price brackets to chose the components from. You may opt for a great monitor known for it colour quality and reliability if thats a priority for you. On the other hand you may go for a slower processor if you do not intend to perform very heavy tasks. So the flexibility of configuring the computer as per your preference is much more.

Software compatibility:

  • Some photography software may be more commonly available or optimized for Windows, including Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which is widely used in the photography industry. However, this is less of a problem today as compared to earlier times. More and more softwares are compatible with both Mac and windows today.

Gaming capabilities:

  • Windows PCs are often preferred by gamers due to the wider availability of games and gaming-related hardware and accessories. In fact the Game developers keep more of windows in mind than Mac. Most of the well known computers for Games are window based.



  • Windows-based PCs generally offer a wider range of price points, making them potentially more budget-friendly compared to Macs. In the long run also, since parts can be more independently, changed , swapped or upgraded, the investment on a windows based computer does not really go waste and upgrading the computer is a relatively easy task.

photo by picography

Ultimately, the choice between macOS and Windows for photographers depends on individual preferences, workflow requirements, and budget considerations. Both operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses, and photographers can successfully use either one to pursue their creative endeavours. It's important to consider factors such as software compatibility, hardware options, color accuracy, and user interface when making a decision. It may be helpful to test out both operating systems or consult with other photographers to determine which one aligns better with your specific needs and preferences.

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