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what are the biggest mistakes Photographer make while learning cinematography

Here are some of the biggest mistakes photographers may make when learning cinematography:

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Assuming that photography and cinematography are the same:

While photography and cinematography share some similarities, they are also quite different. Photography is about capturing a single moment in time, while cinematography involves telling a story through a sequence of images.

Not understanding the role of movement:

Unlike photography, which often relies on static images, cinematography often involves movement. Photographers who are new to cinematography may struggle to capture movement effectively.

Failing to pay attention to sound:

Sound is an integral part of cinematography, and photographers who are new to the field may overlook this important aspect. Sound can help to set the mood and tone of a film, and it is important for photographers to learn how to capture high-quality audio.

Overreliance on post-production:

While post-production can be an important part of the filmmaking process, it should not be used as a crutch to fix mistakes made during filming. Photographers who are new to cinematography should focus on getting things right on set, rather than relying on post-production to fix any mistakes.

Not understanding the technical requirements:

Cinematography involves a lot of technical knowledge, including understanding the different types of lenses, lighting, and camera settings. Photographers who are new to the field should take the time to learn these technical skills to create better films.

Overall, photographers who are new to cinematography need to be prepared to learn a whole new set of skills, and should not assume that their photography skills will automatically translate into successful filmmaking.

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